The 50 random facts about me tag had come up on the Brunch Club group before, and I had tried to write a post at the time but got stuck. Then this week Laura tagged me on her post and I thought it deserved another go. So here’s my long list of facts:

  1. I met my husband 13 years ago on ICQ. He found my ICQ number on a message board, we started chatting, went out, hit it off and started dating.
  2. My favourite colour is red.
  3. I got married in 2009 wearing a red cocktail dress.
  4. My favourite animal is the polar bear.
  5. I almost cried when I saw the polar in the Central Park zoo.
  6. I quit biting my nails when I was 12. It was a New Year’s resolution.
  7. I’ve been keeping lists of all the movies I watch in a year since 2008. It’s organized by date I’ve watched, divided into two categories: at the movies and at home.
  8. The first thing I remember buying online were purchased from the official Buffy the Vampire Slayer web store: a coffee mug and earrings. I still have both of them.
  9. And yes, my wedding ring is a claddagh because of Buffy and Angel.50factstag01
  10. I had a huge crush on Seth Green when I was 13, I even wrote him a letter. He replied with a signed postcard.
  11. Then in 2011 I met him in person. I can’t even remember what I told him, it was probably rubbish.
  12. When I met my favourite author, Neil Gaiman, I was wearing a bootleg t-shirt of one of his characters. He thought that was so cool he even took a photo of me with his iPhone.
  13. My first job was for a Brazilian version of “Hot or Not“. I had to look through all of the photos submitted and delete the ones that violated the terms of conduct (copyrighted material, adult content, photos of celebrities, etc). I worked from home, after school, only lasted a couple of months but I made a lot of money for a 14-year old.
  14. I’ve won a share of the lottery one time, $250. I used it buy a pair of boots and cds.
  15. The first cd I bought with my own money was the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack.
  16. The last time I bought a cd was in 2009. I left my collection in Brazil and told my parents they could do whatever they wanted.
  17. I had massive folders full of photos of the Spice Girls, Hanson and Leo DiCaprio.
  18. I was even interviewed for a newspaper about it. But it was just because my dad knew the journalist who wrote the article…
  19. I created my first blog in 2001 and it was called *wild butterfly* (yep, the star signs were part of the title).
  20. I was even interviewed by a major newspaper in Brazil about my blog. Then I regretted because I got a few prank calls after that.
  21. The first thing I ever made in the kitchen was banana ice cream. I didn’t realise that the recipe was intended for selling and ended up with way too much ice cream in my freezer. It didn’t taste great but it wasn’t that bad, even so no one in my family wanted to try it.
  22. I found my first grey hair when I was 15 and started colouring my hair at 18.
  23. I was blonde in 2013, had the whole Miley Cyrus style going on. I loved it but bleaching ruined my hair.
  24. Now I’m 28 and haven’t coloured my hair in over a year.50factstag02
  25. I’ve already picked my future children’s names and created Gmail accounts for them.
  26. After 5 years and 3 months living in New Zealand, I finally have my residency visa.
  27. The first friend I made online was a girl from Sydney. I almost went to Australia for my high school exchange programme because of that.
  28. But then I got to know more about NZ and ended up deciding to come here.
  29. The first friend I made in NZ was also over the internet, a few months before arriving in Hamilton. We’re still friends to this day.
  30. In case you couldn’t tell, I spend a lot of time online and made most of my friends that way.
  31. I don’t have a car driver’s licence and got my motorcycle learner’s licence last month.
  32. I failed my driving exam three times when I was 19 and never tried to drive again ever since.
  33. I used to be so scared of an animated movie called “The Secret of NIHM” when I was a child. Now I’m afraid of watching it and thinking it’s dumb.
  34. I got really drunk for the first time this year, at my friend’s New Year’s party. Before that I only felt tipsy. I had almost two bottles of wine by myself and welcome 2015 by spending most of the first day of the year vomiting.
  35. I hate buying shoes: I’m a size 11 and it’s so hard to find shoes I like.
  36. My dad wanted to name me Bianca. I’m glad my mom chose Danielle instead.
  37. I used to believe in astrology and read tarot cards.
  38. It’s been years since I read my horoscope for the last time.
  39. Now my only superstition is believing that you must pick up every money you find on the street, even if it’s only 10 cents, otherwise you’ll never come across larger amounts. Trust me, I’ve found a $20 bill in the middle of nowhere.
  40. My character in World of Warcraft was a night elf hunter called Augustine. She had a huge drinking problem and loved going to auction houses in her underwear and make train noises.
  41. Usually after I watch a band play live, I can’t listen to any of their songs for a long time.
  42. Before moving to NZ, the wallpaper on my computer was a photo of Wellington’s cable car, it kept me motivated.
  43. I had a piercing under my tongue for exactly 3 days.50factstag04.JPG
  44. I’ve been to Tokyo Disneyland.
  45. My first mobile was a hand-me-down from my grandaunt.
  46. The ringtone on my second mobile was the Return of the King theme song.
  47. I have a massive crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. I’ll watch any of his movies, even if they’re crap.
  48. I appeared on a TV ad for the school I went to in 1993. My husband claims he remember that ad and he used to be annoyed by it.
  49. I was 13 when I went to my first concert ever, I saw The Offspring.
  50. I have a really hard time figuring out accents and where people are from.

Wow, if you read all the way to the end, congrats! If you feel like doing a post too, leave your link in the comments, I’d love to read your 50 random facts! 🙂

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