During my last trip to Auckland, I decided to only eat at cafes where I had never been before. I usually look up lists like “top places to go for brunch” just so I can have a starting point, but this time I decided to be more spontaneous. Two Saturdays ago, as my husband and I were walking up Queen St, I  simply pointed to Remedy Coffee on the other side of the street and said “why we don’t have breakfast there?”. Luckily, I couldn’t have picked better .





There’s this trend now of hyping up places with difficult access for tourists but one of the things I really liked about Remedy is how central it is, how easy it was to find it and remember how to get there. Located on 1 Wellesley St, just off Queen St, the cafe is within walking distance of many hotels and backpackeers in the CBD.





Filled with stacks of books, comic books and board games, the walls appealed to my nerdiness straight away. But if you’re into more factual reading, there are newspapers available too.




I usually order a long black but that day I felt like having something more sweet. My mocaccino was delicious, the temperature just right, great balance of chocolate and coffee. My husband also enjoyed his espresso. You get $0.50 off if you bring your own cup, save your money and the environment. The staff is friendly and service is good and fast, we had time to enjoy our meal without being late for my appointment and noticing all the details around the walls was a nice way to kill time before our order arrived.






Extra points for the corn kernels in the scone, what a delightful surprise! It goes so well together with bacon. We left planning to come back the next day to try different things from their menu or cabinet, and totally forgot to check if it’d actually be open on Sundays. Business hours are Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. Some other time then, one more reason to return to Auckland.



There’s a monthly prize for best mirror selfie under #remedycoffeenz on Instagram. And the Arcade is on free play!


My bill: $17.00 for 2 coffees and 2 scones (06 Dec).

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