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This week I also have amazing news to share together with the interesting links bellow: I won a scholarship to the Blogcademy in Auckland next month! Here’s my entry if you’re haven’t seen it yet. I was checking my emails every 20 minutes last weekend and then when I woke up Monday morning, there it was, a lovely email titled “CONGRATS!“. I couldn’t be happier! Flights and accommodation are all sorted and the countdown has begun. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to attend the 2-day workshop and share all the details with you guys afterwards. 🙂

The human behind Humans of New York.

The recipe to maintaining a long term blog.

The Kate Bush story, a BBC documentary.

What Jenny’s learned about blog growth.

How to create more time for the life you want.

Nakasendo, an old road in Japan that connects Kyoto to Tokyo (via Rafael).

Benedict Cumberbatch reading a four-part poem.

Chris Riddell on the illustrations used in The Sleeper and the Spindle.

And in case you’ve missed, here’s my post about the book.

In Portuguese: Afinal, o que que é mérito?

(photo taken in 2008, at a vase factory in Beijing, China)

what i talk about when i talk about running playlist

photo by Aaron

I started running in late 2010 and to be quite honest, I’m still not very good at it. My training has absolutely no consistency and I tend to stay sedentary for months at a time, sinking deep into pure inertia. But even if I’m not planning on actually running I’ll update my playlist. To me, having the right music to listen to while exercising is almost as important as having the right shoes or gear. It sets the pace and motivates me to keep going. My playlists are usually a mix of songs that I’m currently obsessed with and songs that only work for me if endorphins are involved. And I also love looking up other people’s playlists and finding out what kind of beat set their feet in motion.

A few weeks ago I read Haruki Murakami’s memoir What I Talk About When I Talk About Running and I was glad that he mentioned some of the bands and styles that make up his running playlist. He wrote the book between the summer of 2005 and the fall of 2006, while living in Hawaii, Japan and the continental US. His reasons for running are so logical and practical: he had sold his jazz bar in Tokyo to pursue writing full-time and moved to smaller town to save money. He adopted a new life style and running was a cheap way to stay active.

At the time, Murakami carried an MD player since he didn’t want to mix music and computers. Sometimes he’d listen to jazz or a more laid back band from the 60’s but usually he preferred to run to rock tunes. I wonder if his taste has changed since the book came out 7 years ago…

Here’s the playlist I put together based on the bands and artists he refers to on the book. He only specifies a few songs, like Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones, so I chose what felt like would fit his mood. And of course, the final song had to be the classic theme song from the movie Rocky. I had fun putting together a playlist for someone else, hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Let me know what you think! Do you run too? What’s your favourite running song?

spreading my wings with shovava



When my dearest friend Lets showed me an article on Shovava I just couldn’t help falling in love with almost every item for sale. After a few days considering if I should or should not buy something, I finally placed an order.  This year I decided to do my best to spend a little less money on clothes and accessories to focus on quality and singularity rather than quantity. And Shovava offers just that.




Roza Kamitova created Shovava after 8 years working with fashion in New York following a desire to design sexy and stylish pieces. Now based in Australia, she uses inspiration from hand drawn paintings and prints of animals, plants and patterns to put together a women’s clothing line that is both feminine and unique.



My order arrived in exactly six weeks, as it was noted on the website, and during the waiting period I received two emails reminding me that each order is prepared as it is received and that my patience was appreciated. It took a while but it was definitely worth the wait. Everything is so beautiful: the colours pop out of the soft fabric as if by magic. And just so you know, I signed up to the newsletter to get a 10% discount and I also received another 10% off my next purchase, yay!




At first I thought about buying a top or maybe a dress but decided to go with a scarf instead. Wellington is so windy, even during summer, so I always carry something to wrap around myself. Especially because my husband has a motorcycle and I just can’t ride anywhere without something to keep my neck warm.




I bought the night owl scarf and I’m not gonna lie… it made me feel a bit like Steve Nicks. 🙂

And what about you? What pretty things have you desired or bought lately?

2. sharing is caring: interesting links and finds


Because sharing is caring, here are a few interesting links and finds from around the web:

The world’s youngest self-made female billionaire is a college dropout and a medical genius.

Top 4 reasons why you’re stuck in a job you can’t stand.

And if you end up leaving your crappy job, these guys are hiring.

A reflection on the use of the word “curating” and how snob that really is.

Someone compiled every brand ever mentioned on Sex and the City (in alphabetical order!).

Ever wondered the story behind someone’s tattoo?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon play Water War.

On Instagram: extremely talented NY illustrator Maritza Lugo aka Mindsay Mohan.

In Portuguese: Know Your Blogger, 11 perguntas respondidas e 11 fatos aleatĂłrios sobre mim.

This week I signed up for the Cigna Round the Bays 10k run in February 2015, I need to get back to training mode and work on improving my pace. Have a good weekend everyone!

(photo taken in 2009 at Curitiba Zoo, Brazil)

reading: the sleeper and the spindle

The Sleeper and the Spindle


It’s no secret to anyone that I’m a huge Neil Gaiman fan. I don’t buy as many books as I used to since Wellington has a great public library but, if there’s a new release by my favourite author, I’ll definitely get one for my collection. And on Saturday my copy of The Sleeper and the Spindle arrived.


The Sleeper and the Spindle


Beautifully illustrated by Chris Riddell, The Sleeper and the Spindle tells the story of a young queen and three brave dwarfs who travel to a kingdom covered in cobwebs to wake a princess. It’s a mix of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty with Neil’s own touch of magic to the fairy tale.


The Sleeper and the Spindle


“So this is where it began,” said one of the little men.
“On her birthday,” said another.
“Well,” said the third, “Somebody’s got to do the honours.”
“I shall,” said the queen, gently. She lowered her face to the sleeping woman’s. She touched the pink lips to her own carmine lips and she kissed the sleeping girl long and hard.


The Sleeper and the Spindle


I devoured the book in less than an hour. The art is so enchanting and exquisite my eyes would linger on each page just studying every detail in black, white, and golden. And I know the sound of Neil’s voice so well I could hear him reading the book to me in my head. The new spin is a much-welcomed breath of fresh air and it’s always a pleasure to read a story about a young woman who makes her own choices. Highly recommended!

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Riddell

in lorde we trust



Lorde ended her Pure Heroine world tour this weekend in New Zealand and I saw her live at the TSB Arena in Wellington. Like she pointed out herself, there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than going to a concert by the girl who wears black all the time. She talked a lot in between songs, which I love and it’s the main reason why I go to concerts. If it wasn’t for that interaction I’d just stay at home and watch videos on YouTube.

Here are some photos and videos I made with my phone…


A magical touch: dry ice bubbles!

A little Kayne West cover, Flashing Lights.

Lorde’s greatest hit, Royals.





And here’s the setlist, short and sweet:


I had a fantastic time! Have you been to any good concerts lately? What have you been listening to these days? Let me know, I’m always on the lookout for new music.

1. sharing is caring: interesting links and finds

All Hallow's Read

poster by Ali

Happy Halloween! Have you ever heard of All Hallow’s Read?

Seven tips on the Japanese art of decluttering.

You can turn almost anything into pasta.

Iceland’s Police Department is on Instagram.

Elise Blaha Cripe on the power of just starting something at this year’s World Domination Summit.

It costs nothing to encourage an artist.

In Portuguese: o mercado de trabalho para criativos em Londres.

Tonight Lorde is performing in Wellington and I’m so excited! Have a good weekend everyone!