the day i went to the supermarket wearing bright lipstick


If I had to use only one word to define Shirley Manson, it’d be fierce.

She’s an incredibly talented bad ass queen and I’ve totally asked myself “what would Shirley do?” a few times when I needed some guidance facing challenging situations. So on Monday, while I was setting up my spare room/office and practising my lines to record my scholarship application video, I noticed that my voice was a bit shaky, my hands were freezing and my face was so pale. I was freaking out!

Then I took a deep breath and immediately thought of Shirley Manson’s favourite lipstick: MAC’s Lady Danger. I bought it as a birthday present for myself this year and I don’t really wear make-up that much but I needed an extra dose of courage and confidence. For a long time I saw make-up as way of hiding flaws but now, even though laziness is still my default mode, I appreciate the idea of enhancing features you’re proud of.

It also reminded of the first MAC lipstick I bought, six years ago in NYC, following a good friend‘s advice. And It shifted my mindset completely. I was still nervous but brave enough to go ahead. And the end result was better than I expected, the sky had cleared up and the natural lighting was amazing. All that felt so natural that I finished recording the video, baked some more cupcakes, fast forward 3 hours I noticed my fridge was empty so I went to the supermarket and only when I returned home I noticed that I still had the lipstick on. And you know what? It didn’t feel awkward at all. I only got smiles, not a single weird look. I might do it again actually.

What about you? Who’s your role model and what inspires courage in you? 🙂