This week’s lot of interesting links and finds from around the web:

The cast of the Avengers movie when they were young.

Maybe we should starting looking at our failures as a badge of honour.

Some people complain about driving an hour to go to work, imagine commuting from New Zealand to rural Iceland?

Of course it has been done before, but you should still go ahead.

A prank pulled by a German village for a good cause.

A group of 9-year olds share what they don’t like about being boys.

Lisa Simpson’s book club.

The internet can be awesome sometimes: Barbie’s ‘I Can Be a Computer Engineer’ picture book is fixed online.

A woman in the US opened a Cuddling Shop and got 10,000 customers in the first week.

On Instagram: Russian freelance designer and blogger Corina.

In Portuguese: 6 coisas que eu aprendi sobre medo, sonhos, sucesso e felicidade.

The last few days have been full on, I feel exhausted! Time to recharge and relax. Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂

(photo taken by Ivan in 2009 in Santa Catarina, Brazil.)

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