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eateries: on the road in the north island part 1

New Zealand isn’t a country famous for its local cuisine but nonetheless offers great food to be enjoyed, from fine dining restaurants to smalls cafes on the side of the road. Travelling over 3,000km around the North Island with my husband allowed me to find some precious gems that might go by unnoticed by many tourists. Since we were on a budget, we tried to mix it up and cook some of our meals or buy cheap takeaways. But we also indulged a little when possible. Here are some of the places we visited during the first part of our journey.


  • Day 2:

River Run Cafe, Mokau


Mokau is a tiny town 90km north of New Plymouth. We stopped at the River Run Cafe for a quick bite on the second day of our trip, on our way to Raglan, in the Waikato. I ordered a savoury muffin and a mixed berries muffin, both delicious. Fresh and made at the cafe, they were a very pleasant surprise and a nice way to start off my day.

Where: 30 North Street, Mokau, New Plymouth
River Run Cafe on Zomato


The Shack, Raglan


Later on that same day, we got lost on our way to Raglan but still arrived in time for a late lunch. Our friend Tanya took us to The Shack, a funky cafe in the heart of the town. I ordered a Sloppy Jose, a spicy pulled pork and beans sandwich full of flavour.


My friend ordered a salad and Ivan had a burger. We were all really happy with our dishes. Coffee was good, service was very nice, we had a great time there.


Where: 19 Bow St, Raglan, Waikato


  • Day 3:

Mormors Cafe, Kaiwaka


On the third day of our trip, we stopped at Mormors for a snack on our way to Otamure Bay, in Northland. This is the cafe with the creepy doll… There’s a lot to look at but we didn’t stay long. Ivan had a croissant with jam, I had a caramel slice. We ate, used the toilet and left.


Where: 1954 State Highway 1, Kaiwaka, Northland
Mormors Cafe on Facebook


  • Day 4:

The Trainspotter Cafe, Kawakawa


The Trainspotter was hands down our favourite, we stopped there twice! Not only the food was delicious and moderately priced, there was free wi-fi and many power plugs all over. So, even though the cafe was full and our meals took some time to be prepared, we had no reason to complain because it gave us time to charge our phones and check emails, Facebook, etc.


Both days we had the Kawakawa Breaky and the eggs were the highlight, superbly cooked.


The second time we ate there, I needed a sugar fix and shared a regular brownie and a fudge brownie with Ivan.



Highly recommended!

Where: 39 Gillies Street, Kawakawa, Northland


  • Day 5:

Matakana Village Pub, Matakana

This was our most expensive meal but it was Christmas Eve and we felt like celebrating. Our stay in Matakana was a last minute change of plans but we had a wonderful time there. For entrees, we had sundried tomato and bacon arancinis with smoked paprika mayo. Simply perfect!


And we also had chimichangas!


The Matakana “Hand Cranked” Golden Larger, brewed especially for the pub, is a refreshing full malt drop with a clean, crisp finish. I prefer wine, but enjoyed every single drop of my pint with gusto.


Mains were chicken and mushroom pot pie with roast corn and polenta chips. The best polenta chips I’ve had in New Zealand so far.



The Christmas spirit was all around and we had a fantastic time!

Where: 11 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana, Auckland


  • Day 7:

Italian Bakery & Espresso, Tirau


After two days in Matakana, we headed south to Napier. We stopped in Tirau for a light lunch at this small bakery and had a great meal.


Nice coffee and the best brownie of our trip! We also heard an American tourist asking the owners if they roasted and ground their coffee themselves, she left so disappointed when got a sound “no” in reply, but we were very satisfied. We even suggested that they should add tiramisu to the menu and call it “Tiraumisu”. 😉

Where: 35 Main Rd, Tirau, Waikato

Update: check out part 2!

eateries: remedy coffee




During my last trip to Auckland, I decided to only eat at cafes where I had never been before. I usually look up lists like “top places to go for brunch” just so I can have a starting point, but this time I decided to be more spontaneous. Two Saturdays ago, as my husband and I were walking up Queen St, I  simply pointed to Remedy Coffee on the other side of the street and said “why we don’t have breakfast there?”. Luckily, I couldn’t have picked better .





There’s this trend now of hyping up places with difficult access for tourists but one of the things I really liked about Remedy is how central it is, how easy it was to find it and remember how to get there. Located on 1 Wellesley St, just off Queen St, the cafe is within walking distance of many hotels and backpackeers in the CBD.





Filled with stacks of books, comic books and board games, the walls appealed to my nerdiness straight away. But if you’re into more factual reading, there are newspapers available too.




I usually order a long black but that day I felt like having something more sweet. My mocaccino was delicious, the temperature just right, great balance of chocolate and coffee. My husband also enjoyed his espresso. You get $0.50 off if you bring your own cup, save your money and the environment. The staff is friendly and service is good and fast, we had time to enjoy our meal without being late for my appointment and noticing all the details around the walls was a nice way to kill time before our order arrived.






Extra points for the corn kernels in the scone, what a delightful surprise! It goes so well together with bacon. We left planning to come back the next day to try different things from their menu or cabinet, and totally forgot to check if it’d actually be open on Sundays. Business hours are Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. Some other time then, one more reason to return to Auckland.



There’s a monthly prize for best mirror selfie under #remedycoffeenz on Instagram. And the Arcade is on free play!


My bill: $17.00 for 2 coffees and 2 scones (06 Dec).

my sunny weekend in auckland in 8 pictures


view from Mission Bay during sunset on a warm Saturday evening


I always have a good time when I visit Auckland and unlike most Wellingtonians I would totally consider moving there some day. This weekend I was very busy attending The Blogcademy (the last one to be offered in New Zealand!), so I didn’t have much time to walk around the city like I usually do, but the few new places I got to meet were great and a post about my new favourite cafe is coming up soon. I had a wonderful time, sometimes a short holiday is just what you need to recharge.

Below are seven more photos showing the highlights of my weekend in Auckland.



The Blogcademy workshop



lunch at St Kevins Arcade



Sky Tower from the corner of Queen St and Wellesley St




fresh orange juice from Scullery Cafe on Karangahape Rd



my prize for “most inciting post on Twitter” and my graduate certificate



tiramisu ice cream on a deluxe chocolate cone from Giapo on Queen St



coming back home to a sunny, but still chilly, Wellington


I also shared some other photos that you can check out on Instagram and a post about my experience as a blogcadette is on the way too.