One of my favourite things to do on a Friday night after work is stopping by the Cuba St Night Market and having a taste of Wellington’s great food scene. With so many options, there’s always something new to try and a couple of weeks ago the chosen one was the Curbside Cafe.

The food truck craze hasn’t hit Welly that hard yet and Darcy (Curbside’s converted bedford camper) truly stands outs. Managed by couple Peter and Pene, the menu caught my eye when I spotted a Ron Swanson slider: venison and beef, streaky bacon, beer glazed caramelised onions with a maple syrup hickory bbq sauce. Who would let that pass?




The demo sliders on display were a really clever touch, seeing live exactly what you’re gonna eat makes ordering so much easier! I also applaud their concise, 6 items menu. Short menus means the place is specialised in what they offer and that’s always a good sign.




Everything was so tasty and packed with flavour! I tried the Ron Swanson, the Reuben and the Pork Belly sliders and recommend all three of them and at 3 for $10 they’re fairly priced. And service was quick which meant we weren’t late to our movie afterwards. I’ll definitely come back some time and try one of their coffees too!




You can check Darcy’s next location on Curbside’s website and fanpage.