One of the things I noticed while visiting Tokyo this year was how soft serve ice cream and crepes had become a trend. I lost count of how many shops I saw offering this dessert, and well, it was most welcome since summer was on its way and the weather was warm and lovely. One afternoon, walking from Shibuya to Harajuku, feeling the need of a quick sweet fix, I stopped at the most adorable cafe ever: Dolci Cafe Silkream.

Opened by four friends who got together and decided to offer a space for relaxation dedicated to women, Silkream specialises in cremia, a premium soft serve vanilla ice cream.



They also offer meals for lunch and dinner, drinks, and a takeaway only for the ice cream cones, but we decided to order an affogato. For ¥820 (around NZ$10),  the affogato is served with a portion of ice cream, cocoa puffs and a shot of espresso.




Beautifully decorated, the interior was inspired by a cozy country house in northern Italy, with white wooden furniture and lots of flowers. And with excellent customer service, the cafe truly is the perfect place to enjoy dessert with your girl friends. When you sit, the front of house staff brings you a basket so you can put your bag under your seat, without letting it touch the floor. And the toilets are stocked up with toiletries for females, like pads/tampons and scented cleaning wipes.



Located in Shibuya (1F,Haimanten Jinnan Bldg., 1-19-3, Jinnan) and open every day from 11am to 9pm, Silkream was definitely one of the highlights of my holiday in Tokyo. I forgot to take photos of the cafe’s interior, but their website is filled with them. No information in English, but if you can read Japanese the menu is available online.