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I’m typing this post from the International Terminal at Auckland Airport, killing time as I wait to board my flight to Japan. The plane leaves tomorrow morning and I’m beyond excited!

Last year was a very stressful year for us, so when I saw a voucher for seven days at a beach resort in Thailand for sale on Grab a Deal, I bought it without even researching how much would cost to get there. We needed a holiday and something fun to look forward to and help us stay positive. I bought that voucher in May last year and started saving money for the tickets slowly, aiming for a trip sometime in March. 

Then, in November, Ivan saw an offer on Facebook from Jetstar: 2 for 1 flights to Japan. I did a little research on Skyscanner and flying to Japan, and from there to Thailand, wouldn’t be much more expensive than flying directly to Phuket. I love Japan and Ivan always wanted to visit, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. We bought the tickets to Japan in November, and in January we got the ones to Thailand.

I wish I could say that after that all we had to do was wait until our departure date, but alas that’s not the case. I’ve always considered myself to be extremely well organised when it comes to planning, but this time my head was so busy with our residency application, I ended up making a few mistakes along the way. 

First of all: the tickets were cheap because they only included the seats. If you wanted anything else, e.g. luggage, meals, entertainment, was extra. I almost didn’t buy any meals out of spite, but bought a couple at the end. We’re not dispatching any luggage though. That’s right: we’re going on an 18-day trip with only a backpack each. I’m also taking a small bag, but the total weight of both items must be 7kg.


Here’s what I’ve packed: 1 paid of jandals, underwear, socks, 1 bikini, 1 pair of ponte pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 skater dress, 1 strapless dress, 1 beach cover-up, pijamas (shorts & tank top), 7 tops, 1 long-sleeved top, 1 cardigan, 1 towel and a small bag of travel sized toiletries. I actually removed two tank tops from my backpack while I was arranging my clothes for the photo. Packing light also means packing smart. 

On my bag I’m taking my camera, iPhone, Kindle, respective cables, wallet, documents, water bottle, sunglasses and a few other smaller things.


After our North Island motorcycle trip last year I’ve become the queen of repurposed storage. I’ve put my accessories and Lady Danger lippie in a coin purse. During the road trip, I used an old eyeglasses case to carry cables and chargers and another for q-tips, band-aids, and daily liners. 

Tomorrow is the start of a great adventure and I’m not too worried about not being able to buy loads of stuff to bring back home. I want to experience something new with my beloved husband and share a place I visited on my own with him, and then explore a new place together. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I keep posting there while I’m away! And you can find me on Snapchat under danipohlod too.

And FYI: when I get back to Wellington, I’ll be 29… 😉

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